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Danser H 2019

Senior Nybörjare NB Forts Forts 1 Forts 2 Oldies
Mr Dee Jay Mr Dee Jay Senorita La-La-La Kansas City Get Wild Country 2-Step
These Old Boots It’s Easy Good Vibes Lonely Blues Burden Caught In The Act
Den allersidste dans Mr. Lonely AB Lonely Lovers Legend Dance on my Island You’re So Naughty
It’s Easy Dare To Dance Dance with a Stranger Soul Shake Rep. Simply The Best No Place To Go
When You Smile When You Smile Bonaparte´s Retreat Playboys Everything I Have After Midnight
Ride On Absolutely Train Swing Dance With A Stranger Rep. Taps Throw away the key
Come dance with me Queen Of My Heart I Think I Found Love Nothing But You My Rules Lover Boy
Heart Body & Soul Heart Body & Soul No Place To Go Remember You Young Rolling With Love Shakatak
Queen Of My Heart I Don’t Care Easy World For Two Something You Love Shot Of Tequila I Just Want to Dance
Cykelen Cykelen Half Past Tipsy Half Past Tipsy Moves Side By Side
Love Flow Hillbilly Girl   Tonight Is Real Willpower Smokey Places
      Senorita La-La-La Faithful Soul Pretend
        Kiss & Tell T Morrow Never Knows
        3 To Tango  

Danser V 2019

Such A Night Such A Night Thank You Lots of Love  Flies On The Butter  
Rocket To The Sun Rocket To The Sun Love You Till Morning Soldier Jessie  
Outside In Outside In Codigo Oh me oh my oh Remember Us This Way  
Graffiti Baby Graffiti Baby Pushin & Shovin Music to my eyes Samba Nation  
Pillows Pillows I Love Texas Time Graffity Hourglass  
Off The Beaten Track Off The Beaten Track Off The Beaten Track Waves of Love Love Rush  
I Love Texas Time I Love Texas Time Lento Homesick Heart Secrets We Keep  
Little Country Race Little Country Race I’ve Been Waiting For You Brokenhearted Just a Phase  
I’ve Been Waiting For You EZ I’ve Been Waiting For You EZ Homesick Heart I Love Texas Time Forgive me friend  
Keep It Simple Keep It Simple   Habibi Mad Crazy Love  
      One Hundred Simply The Best  

Danser H 2018

1 – EZ Poetry In Motion 1 – EZ Poetry In Motion Alice Tke King And I Vanotek Cha  
Whiskey Bridges Whiskey Bridges I Close My Eyes Celtic Duo Pull You Through  
Sh Boom Sh Boom   Like A Fine Wine Blaze Of Glory  
Rocket To The Sun Rocket To The Sun   I Am I Said Second Time Around  
Things Things   All The Kings Horses Lost In Love  
Mamma Mia! Why Me? Mamma Mia! Why Me?   Groovy Love Vampire City  
Everytime It Rains Everytime It Rains   Doing The Walk Taps  
I Close My Eyes I Close My Eyes   I’ve Been Waiting For You Bethlehem Child  
Alice Alice   The Yellow And Green Leave Me Breathless  
  Love flow   Get It Right Globetrottin  
  I Am I Said   Soldier Flies On The Butter  

Danser V 2018

Over The Moon Over The Moon La Culpa Story First Thing First  
Katchi Mr Dee Jay Tag On East To West 17 Melodia  
 + Mr Dee Jay Katchi Down On Your Uppers Perfect Hurts Like a Cha Cha  
Chip And A Chair Chip And A Chair On This Night Hungry Heart Whiskey Tango  
Chip And A Chair Hey Put It On Me Every Time She Walks By The Last Word  
Hey A Litttle Sugar Wont Back Down Sleepy Eyes Tension  
A Litttle Sugar Down On Your Uppers East To West 17 Forget-Me-Not Muddy Waters  
Down On Your Uppers A Cold Beer Sleepy Eyes Echame La Culpa We’ll Stay Young  
A Cold Beer Honky Tonk Highway Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet Pot Of Gold All The Kings Horses  
Honky Tonk Highway All The Same   Daily Come Alive   
All The Same     Make you stay Don’t Stay For Me  
        Party Train  

Danser H 2017

Your Mine Mr Dee Jay Your Mine Ride Away Slowly Gently Softly   
Mr Dee Jay Your Mine Mr Dee Jay Ice Cold Corona Shady Stop The World
Bella Roma Gin & Tonic Champagne Promise  Lonely Drum Lady In Red Please Please
Come Back My Love Come Back My Love Lonely Drum I Will Follow Him Kissing Strandgers Foolish Heart
Cykelen Cykelen The Most Beautiful Girl Wandering Hearts Perfect  
Little Girl A Little Bit Lit Goodbye For Now Goodbye For Now Throwback Love  
Queen Of My Heart Queen Of My Heart Could’ve Been The Whiskey I Must Be Dreaming Clap Snap  
Lonely Drum EZ Lonely Drum EZ Tropical Depression Delilah Run Me Like A River  
Amor De Rumba Little Girl Ride The Roller Coaster Dimelo Tu Against All Odds  
Rock ’n’ Roll Rock ’n’ Roll Ride Away Slow Hands Melodia  
  Truck driving woman Dimelo Tu East To West 17 Power Mix  
    Put It On Me Put It On Me Whiskey Tango  
        Chained To The Rhythm  
        First Thing First  

Danser V 2017

No I Don’t (Yes I Do)  No I Don’t (Yes I Do)  Back Together Vegas Baby! Italiano Mr Teardrop
Shed a Light Shed a Light Wont Back Away Lay Down And Dance Human After All Tempted
Baby Vegas Baby Vegas  Blessed Blessed Love Centric Take It With You
Little Girl Ghost Train Oops Shimmy Shack One Reason Fishing in the dark
New Kids on the Block Little Girl Singalong Song Isn’t Enough One Reason Jubilee Stroll
A Big Girl Now New Kids on the Block Green Green Grass Of Home That Love Dig Your Heels Baby Don’t go
Dancing floor Ain’t Giving Take A Breather Green Green Grass Of Home I Came To Love You Changing Places
Heyday Cykelen Island in the stream Staying In Love Heaven On Earth San Fransisco
Cykelen Lord help me Nancy Mulligan Nancy Mulligan Fragile Lets Go Missing
Black Coffee Black Coffee True Believer True Believer Clap Clap Clap  
Darling Stand By Me Vertical Expression     The Violin  
  Darling Stand By Me     Shady  

Danser H 2016

Yee-Haa Yee-Haa Ticket to the blues So Just Dance Dance Dance Tuesday Blues Whiskey-O
Hear My Song The Lulu Dance Boy Girl Thing Gypsy Queen Corazon Diamante Take It With You
Judge Not Mom Like Mine Pretty Flower Girl Another Button Feel Good Rep. Extreme Love Take Your Pick
Queen Of My Heart Kezo Bring On The Good Times My Middle Name I Never Knew Mountains To The Sea
Mom Like Mine Cruising Backroads Vertical Expression Solo Amor Cake By The Ocean Wrapped
Drinking With Dolly Queen Of My Heart Your Heaven Shattered Dreams Take Me To The River Mountains To The Sea
Left In The Dark Rain Blackpool By The Sea Rockin Rebel Harden Up Princess  
Kezo The Music Man Gypsy Queen The Queen Pieces  
Blue Night Cha Let It Bay-Be Coming Home to Stay Your Heaven Sofia  
Let It Bay-Be Blue Night Cha Some Girls Will Coming Home to Stay Sound Of Silence  
The Music Man Judge Not   Empty Space Those Russians  
      First o Last Shake That  
        Isn’t Enough.pdf  

Danser V 2016

Senior Nybörjare Forts 1 Forts 2 Partner  
Ah Si  Ah Si  Seal It With A Kiss Dancing In The Rain Send A Message  
Cowgirls Twist Cowgirls Twist Patsy Fagan Ain’t Misbehavin Down In The Islands  
Everybody Can Rumba Hinges Skip The Line Second Hand Heart The Trail of Tears   
Lipstick, Powder And Paint All In My Head Never A Thought From The Other Side Call Me  
Oh Carol Lipstick, Powder And Paint Promised Twisted Sister Big Blue Tree  
Storms Never Last Irish Stew Big Blue Tree Photograph He’s a Heartache  
Primo Waltz Everybody Can Rumba Fair Warning Big Blue Tree  Dreaming Out Loud  
Second Hand Beginnings Penny Arcade Lay Low This Thing Under the Moon of Love  
Ticket to the blues Primo Waltz Suspicious Minds Suspicious Minds Take It With You  
Blue Night Cha Under The Moon Of Love All Your Wishes Tuesday Blues Wanna Be Elvis  
      Nu Flow Thats What I Get  

Danser H 2015

New York, New York  New York, New York  Live Is Like Alvaro New York, New York   
The Majestic Gin & Tonic Mony Mony Girl Crush El Paso  
Come Dance With Me The Galway Gathering I Like The Ladies Boobs (aka The Hippy Titty Shake) The Bomp   
Fading Lights Ticket to the blues Hot Wheels And get it on Hey Ho Tornado  
Country Twist I Like The Ladies Written In Scars Flashlight Jubilee Stroll  
Tequila Sunrise Penny Arcade The Bomp Tribal Heartbeat Billy’s Dance  
Dancing Floor Triple Mix Her Memory Won’t Tell A Soul Penny Arcade  
Penny Arcade Queen Of My Heart Tell The World Pop n Drop Rebel Strut  
Queen Of My Heart Dancing Floor Empty Dreams Cliche love song Send A Message  
Adios Amiga American Kids Locklin’s Bar Extreme Love    
  Loverboy Islands In The Stream Twist & Turns    
      Crazy For You    

Danser V 2015

Take These Chains Take These Chains  Makita  We Only Live Once  Call Me  
Cykelen 101  Corn Dont Grow Love Your Memory The Trail of Tears  
Let Your Love Flow Lindy Shuffle Rock & Roll King Yes Send A Message  
Lonely Nights Baby Smile Must Be Something Walking On Air Billy Can’t Read  
Amor de Rumba Cykelen Tossin & Turning Bailando Amor Calm After Storm  
Waltz Across Texas Triple Mix Better Times I Just Can’t Let You Go Good time girls  
Cooool Mardi Gras Crocodile Roll Love Your Memory Uptown Funk Kiss Me Quick  
Storms Never Last Heart of Hearts They Call Me The Breeze Run Away With You    
Loving you makes me a better man Good time girls A Irish Waltz Love Runs Out    
  Amor de Rumba Five Dollar Bill Hard To Say It    
  Black Coffee Coffee Time Samba Up    
  Midnight Waltz Good time girls Unconditional    
  Irish Stew        

Danser H 2014

Take The First Step Take The First Step  Dance For Evermore Celtic Heartbeat     
Hoot and Howl Meat And Potato Man Raggle Taggle Gypsy O  Open Hearts Walking Backwards Together  
Blue Sky Fall In Love  Those Were The Days Ring My Bells Send A Message  
Meat And Potato Man Gin & Tonic  Just Feeling Blue Today  Break Free Cha Call Me  
Maverick D.H.S.S. Come As You Are Down To The River  The Trail of Tears  
Little Ship Cykelen  I Said I Love You Say Geronimo Hooked On Country  
First Cha Such A Fool The Boat To Liverpool Fireball Better Than This  
Sweet Maureen Little Red Book Walking Through Angel In Blue Jeans Stitch It Up  
Made of gold Lindy Shuffle Old School Rock Doo Wacka Doo Twenty Four Seven  
Fall In Love  Those Were The Days Angel Of The Night Love Your Memory Corn Don’t Grow  
  Red Hot Salsa Corn Don’t Grow You’re Amazing    
  Tush Push        

Danser V 2014

It’s Gonna Rain Summer Celebration Stop Me Now  Liquid Lunch The Belle of Merloese  
Hanging Up My Heart Lindy Shuffle Throw Away The Key Knockin’ On Wood Call Me  
Come Dance With Me Baby My Next Broken Heart Darling Fly High Tomorrow  
Kiss Me Quick Hurry Up, Slow Down Girl Watcher Post Code Envy Don’t break this heart  
Sundance Just Wanna Dance The Shoebox  Timber Keep Moving  
Heaven With You The Night Away  Dream Lover New York 2 LA Send A Message  
Amor De Rumba Just A Little Love If I Could Take Your Place In My Heart Walking Backwards Together  
Picnic Polka Tush Push  Stripes El Camino Doing al right  
County Line Cha Cha Kiss Me Quick Hit The Road Jack Walk Alone No Trix  
Cry Cry Cry Walking In The Sunshine My next broken heart My First Love El Camino  
Cowgirl Twist Disappearing Tail Lights A Little Bit Gypsy No Mans Land     
  Vertical Expressions City Boy Waltz We’re Alive     
  Mama Loo Fall In Love It’s Up To You    
  Fall In Love I Need You Honest I Do      
  Let Your Love Flow        
  Sweet Maureen        

Danser H 2013

Avenuen Feeling Kinda Lonely Pollyanna Rhytm Of The Night Around the Corner  
I need you  Make A Start Reflection Blurred Lines Nobody’s Fool  
honest i do Me ’n’ My Babyt You Got Away Dreams I Dream Baby Dont Go  
Coastin Pub Crawl Cloud Number 9 WOW Tokyo Mirrors  
Little west texas waltz Long Tall Sally This Is Me Hold A Memory Mr Teardrops  
Who Did You Call Darlin Feel Like A Man Where Weve Been The Good Life Rythm of Espaniol  
Smokey Places Amor De Rumba Old Flames Outta Control Send A Message  
New York City Medley I need you  Any body looking for a fool Pride In Me Fishing in the dark  
Tell On You honest i do Blurred Lines No Mans Land Doing Alright  
  Lindy Shuffle Throw Away The Key Voodoo Jive    
  Voodoo Me Baby Stop Me Now Liquid Lunch    
  Waltz Across Texas        
  Chattahoochee II        
  Summer Celebration