Vårens Kursdanser 2007


Tisdag (Seniorer)


Fortsättning 1

Fortsättning 2

3 A-B Corner
Val Myers

 The Freeze
  The Freeze
Cowgirl Twist
Bill Bader
Long Gone
Terese & Vera
Rep: Just a Memory
Ytown SkaneI Dont know what She said

Ashes of Love
Gary Lafferty
Holding Back
The Ocean
Come in To My World

4   A-B Whirl
Val Myers
 Magic Moon
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Bella Bella
Cato Larsen

Chrazy Cha
Robbie McGowan Hickie

5   Repetition   Flowers
Val Vella
Ytown Skane Heart of an Angel
William Brown
Ytown Skane Atomik Polka
Bastiaan van Leeuwen
6  Love My Cowboy
Marie Sörensen
  Repetition  Repetition   Repetition
Ytown Skane Dont Feel Like Dancing
Alright Already
7  Ytown Skane Easy Fun
Maria Grafford
 Ytown Skane Honky Tonk Boots
T Holmes & S Jeffries
Ytown Skane Cry To Me
Cherry Poppin
Neville Fitzgerald 
Urban Shuffle
8   Repetition   Country line cha cha
Dianne Evans
T-Bone Shuffle
Peter Metelnick
(Musik: Forever -
Foster Martin Band)
Feel The Magic
Garry Lafferty
Sonora Waltz
9 Ytown Skane First Cha
Maria Lippe
  Tush Push
Jim Ferrazzano
God Night 2 B Lonely
Maggie Gallagher
Ytown Skane Bread On The Table
Maggie Gallagher
Johnny Come Home
10    San Antone
John & Jeanette Sandam
  Repetition Repetition   Repetition Repetition
11   Repetition   Ytown Skane Rio
Diana Lowery
Hooked Up
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Not Like That
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Graceland Swing
12   Any Waltz (will do)
Tony Wilson
  Ytown Skane Hillbilly
Teresa & Vera
Crazy Legs
Gregg Underwood
Sky High
Kate Sala
13 Heaven Knows
Pat Stott
  Ytown Skane Heart of an Angel
William Brown
Divisadero Cha
Michele Burton
Oh Mama
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Sweet Talk & Good Lies
14  Repetition Repetition  Repetition  Repetition  East Coast Switch
15 Start To Sway
Sandra Le Brocq 
 Chattahoochee II
Påsk Påsk  
16   Come Dance with me
Joe Thompson
  Ytown Skane Run It
Jose Miquel Belloque
Kate Sala
A Gigolo  
17 Repetition    Graceland Swing
DJ Da & Wynette Miller
Heave Away
Gerard Murphy
Stand By Me
Master In Line
18 Mambo Italiano
Irene Groundwater
Repetition Valborgsmässo-
19 A-B Ticket
Val Myers
  Flying Scotsman
J Sharman & P Cranwell
Repetition Repetition