Höstens Kursdanser 2009




Fortsättning 1

Fortsättning 2


Blue Sky
What Can I Do

Blue Sky
Ragtime Boogie

T'morrow Never Knows Ytown SkaneGo Mama Go  
35 South Of The Border

Shakin Mix

Cool Chick Heart of the Ocean  
36 Repetition County Line Cha Cha Billy Jean I Lied  
37 Silver Threads Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition
38 Ytown Skane I Love A Rainy Night 1000 years Crystal Chandeliers Respect Yourself On Your Marks Parteners
39 Repetition Ytown Skane First Waltz Galway Girls Swingin Doors  
40 Oh Oh Wiskey Picnic Polka Wave On Wave Bad Influence Fishing In The Dark
41 Jenny Lee Repetition Repetition Repetition  


Repetition A Little Lonely Ytown Skane Mary Mary Coochie Bang Bang New Town Cha
43 Cumbia Semana Ytown Skane Siodora Slide

Ytown Skane Toes
Ytown Skane Action

Video CBB
44 Blue Shades Ytown Skane Operator Cha Cha Boyfriend Of The Year Sister Kate Blue Rodeo
45 Repetition Repetition Repetition


Still Waiting

Barn Dance
46 Ytown Skane First Cha T.L.C. Ytown Skane Mojo Rhytm Break Free Cha  
47 Rose Coloured Glasses Chica Boom Boom Still Waiting Ay Amor  
48 Repetition Ytown Skane Bad Guy Doctor Doctor Moonlight Kiss  
49 T'Morrow Never Knows Repetition Repetition Repetition