Höstens Kursdanser 2008




Fortsättning 1

Fortsättning 2

34 Feeling Kinda Lonely
First South
Ytown Skane What Can I Do
Simply Mambo
Ytown Skane My New Life
Rep: Crazy Foot Mambo

My Veronica
Rep: Did It Have
To Be Me

35 Make It Snappy Ghost Train Bud Wiser Fire On Ice  
36 Repetition Ytown Skane One Woman Man Live Laugh Love Ytown Skane My New Life
When I Cry
37 Everything Easy   Repetition  Repetition   Repetition  
38 Red Hot Salsa Sticks & Stones Thats Right Mambo Gimme A Chance Sweet Stuff
Normansland 2000
39 Repetition Ytown Skane Dance With Me Ytown Skane Dance Like You're The Only One Get Trashed Tennesee Walk
40 Earnley Rumba Ytown Skane Peches & Cream Feel Like Crying Amame Tempted
41 Big Girl Boggie   Repetition Repetition   Ytown Skane Irish Spirit Repetition
42 Repetition Ytown Skane My New Life

Ytown Skane Travin Music

Ytown Skane Saddle up shawty

Cowboy Sweetheart &
Baby Don't Go

43 1-2-3 Waltz Come Dance With Me Low Key Turn Me Loose Side Kick+2
44 Fancy Feet Black Coffee Respect Sting Me Coffee for Two
45 Repetition Repetition  Repetition 

Ytown Skane Never A Thought

Hey Ho Tornado
Little Chapel

46 Kid Rock  Chattahoochee II Shiftwork Five Dollar Bill Repetition
47 Come Dance With Me Duck Soup Alligator Rock Simbolo Changing Places
48 Repetition County Line When I Cry Eagles Rock Santa Fe