Danser V 2016

VeckaSeniorer Tisd 14.00 - 15.20Nybörjare Tisd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 1 Månd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 2 Månd 20.00 - 21.20Partnerdans Torsd 19.00 - 21.00
3Ah Si
Cowgirls Twist
Ah Si
Cowgirls Twist
Seal It With A KissDancing In The Rainxxx
4Everybody Can RumbaHingesPatsy FaganAin't Misbehavinxxx
5Repetition RepetitionSkip The LineSecond Hand HeartSend A Message
6 Lipstick, Powder And PaintAll In My HeadRepetition From The Other SideDown In The Islands
The Trail of Tears
Call Me
7Oh Carol Lipstick, Powder And PaintNever A ThoughtTwisted Sister Big Blue Tree
8RepetitionRepetition PromisedPhotographHe's a Heartache
9Storms Never LastIrish Stew Big Blue Tree Big Blue Tree RepetitionDreaming Out Loud
10Primo WaltzEverybody Can RumbaRepetitionThis ThingUnder the Moon of Love
11RepetitionRepetitionFair WarningRepetitionRepetition
12Second Hand BeginningsPenny ArcadeLay LowSuspicious MindsGlad Påsk
13Ticket to the bluesPrimo WaltzGlad PåskGlad PåskTake It With You
14RepetitionRepetitionSuspicious MindsTuesday BluesWanna Be Elvis
15Blue Night ChaUnder The Moon Of LoveRepetitionRepetitionThats What I Get
16RepetitionRepetitionAll Your WishesNu Flow


 Skånelistan Våren 2016

Lipstick, Powder and PaintLocklin's BarCliché Love Song
Big Blue TreePromisedTwist & Turns
Boy Girl ThingPatsy FaganSecond Hand Heart
The Peaceful Valley


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