Danser V 2015

Seniorer Tisd 14.00 - 15.20Nybörjare Tisd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 1 Månd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 2 Månd 20.00 - 21.20Partnerdans Torsd 19.00 - 21.00
4Take These ChainsTake These Chains


Lindy Shuffle

Corn Dont Grow
We Only Live Once

Love Your Memory
Call Me
5Cykelen Baby SmileRock & Roll KingYesThe Trail of Tears
6RepetitionCykelen Must Be SomethingWalking On AirSend A Message
7Let Your Love FlowTriple MixTossin & Turning Bailando AmorBilly Can't Read
8Lonely Nights Crocodile Roll Better Times I Just Can't Let You GoCalm After Storm
9RepetitionRepetitionLove Your MemoryUptown Funkxxx
10Amor de RumbaHeart of HeartsRepetitionRepetitionxxx
11Waltz Across TexasGood time girlsThey Call Me The BreezeRun Away With Youxxx
12RepetitionAmor de RumbaA Irish WaltzLove Runs OutGood time girls
13RepetitionRepetitionFive Dollar BillHard To Say ItKiss Me Quick
14Cooool Mardi GrasBlack CoffeeRepetitionRepetitionGlad Påsk
15Storms Never LastMidnight WaltzGlad PåskGlad Påskxxx
16RepetitionIrish StewCoffee Time SambaUpxxx
17Loving you makes me a better manRepetitionGood time girlsUnconditionalxxx
19Gemensam AvslutningGemensam Avslutning



 Skånelistan Våren 2014

Baby KissesBetter TimesBailando Amor
Baby SmileMakitaI Just Can't Let You Go
Crocodile RollMust Be SomethingWe Only Live Once


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