Danser H 2016

VSeniorer Tisd 14.00 - 15.20Nybörjare Tisd 18.30 - 19.50Nybörjare Forts Tisd 20.00 - 21.20Fortsättning 1 Månd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 2 Månd 20.00 - 21.20Partnerdans Torsd 19.00 - 21.00
Hear My Song
The Lulu Dance
Ticket to the blues

So Just Dance Dance Dance

Tuesday Blues

Corazon Diamante
35Judge Not
Mom Like Mine
Boy Girl ThingGypsy Queen
Feel Good Rep. Extreme Love
36Repetition RepetitionRepetitionAnother ButtonI Never Knew
37Queen Of My HeartKezoPretty Flower GirlRepetitionRepetition
Mom Like Mine

Cruising Backroads

Bring On The Good Times
My Middle NameCake By The OceanWhiskey-O
39RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionSolo AmorTake Me To The RiverTake It With You
40Drinking With DollyQueen Of My HeartVertical ExpressionShattered Dreams
Harden Up PrincessInställd
41Left In The DarkRainYour HeavenRepetitionRepetitionTake Your Pick
42RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRockin RebelPiecesMountains To The Sea
43KezoThe Music ManBlackpool By The SeaThe QueenSofiaWrapped
44Blue Night ChaLet It Bay-BeGypsy QueenYour HeavenSound Of Silence
46Let It Bay-BeBlue Night Cha Coming Home to Stay Coming Home to StayThose RussiansMountains To The Sea
47The Music ManJudge NotSome Girls WillEmpty SpaceShake That
48RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionFirst o Last
Isn't Enough.pdf
49AvslutningAvslutningAvslutningAvslutningAvslutning14 - Isnt Enough.pdf


 Skånelistan Hösten 2016

1Pretty Flower Girl So Just Dance Dance Dance!Feel Good
2KesoCome Home To StayCorazon Diamante
3Bring On The Good TimesGypsy QueenI Never Knew
4RainSolo AmorTuesday Blues
5Mom Like MineAnother Button
6Cruising Backroads

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