Danser H 2014

Seniorer Tisd 14.00 - 15.20Nybörjare Tisd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 1 Månd 18.30 - 19.50Fortsättning 2 Månd 20.00 - 21.20Partnerdans Torsd 19.00 - 21.00
34Take The First StepTake The First Step

Meat And Potato Man
Dance For EvermoreCeltic Heartbeat
35Hoot and HowlFall In Love
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
Open Hearts
Blue Sky
Gin & Tonic
Those Were The DaysRing My BellsWalking Backwards Together
37Meat And Potato ManRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionSend A Message
37MaverickD.H.S.S.Just Feeling Blue Today
Break Free ChaCall Me
Come As You Are Down To The River

(Koreografen dansar)
The Trail of Tears
40Little ShipSuch A FoolI Said I Love YouSay GeronimoHooked On Country
41First ChaRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionBetter Than This
42RepetitionLittle Red BookThe Boat To LiverpoolFireballStitch It Up
43Sweet MaureenLindy ShuffleWalking Through Angel In Blue JeansRepetition
44Made of gold Those Were The DaysOld School RockDoo Wacka Doo Twenty Four Seven
46Fall In Love
Red Hot SalsaAngel Of The NightLove Your MemoryInställt
47RepetitionTush PushCorn Don't GrowYou're AmazingCorn Don't Grow


 Skånelistan Hösten 2014

Fall In Love Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Celtic Heatbeat
Gin & Tonic Just Feeling Blue Today Down To The River
CykelenAngel Of The NightDoo Wacka Doo
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